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To open a new market or expand to a new market is a very difficult process.  Most organizations attempt to accomplish this task with their current infrastructure, thus diluting their existing business and ineffectively going after the new market.  Many companies have unrealistic expectations of the cost associated with opening a new market, in particular in the USA.  As you can see from the cost of sales staff table below hiring sales staff can become an expensive proposition for a new start, particularly when you realize that what is required is a sales team approach across all of the following disciplines. 

(*Average Cost of Employees in $K's)

Most companies would prefer to start with a VP of sales and build from there however the cost usually drives them toward hiring a sales rep who typically will work hard and get some results but won’t take the most strategic or efficient way to start generating revenue.  Our concept is to create a sales team of high quality professionals, effective at all of the sales roles above.  With the BEI Process team selling process we have the industry knowledge, years of experience and the staff in place to go after your new market, at a much lower price with a fully functional team from inside outside to technical staff.

Our Process consists of six key items that are covered in several internal training meetings before implementation of the sales process.  Within the BEI Process key items that we will cover:

  • Organization Review
  • Messaging & Branding
  • Strategic Selling
  • Relationship Sales Process
  • Sales Facilitation & Administration
  • Leadership & Sales Management

From the information gathered we will begin the sales process implementation and reporting phase.  Our packages are sized to the target market that you are interested in pursuing.  Obviously the larger the market the more resources will be required to target.   We have targeted lists and associate relationships in most industries that we will utilize to establish you and your organization its target market.  Our package comes with a thorough vetting process to assure that everything is in position to begin.

 On a weekly and monthly basis we will give you thorough reports of who is being contacted weekly and a notes history report monthly.  You will be kept appraised of all of our activities on your behalf.  It is critical that you and your technology team participate as required to assure that we are effectively closing sales.  

Client Comments:

“By using BEI, I saw a 30% increase in sales activity across my entire sales team!” VP Sales and Marketing, Midstream Energy Services Company.

“We used Building Enterprises to evaluate a new niche market, target a very precise set of customers and introduce our company to them, for an outlay of approx. $100K over two years we created a new market generating $2M additional revenue using our existing assets.” Business Development Manager, the Americas, S&P 500 oilfield service company.

"From zero in sales we built the business up to a $4M annual business that continues today.  They have been a major factor in finding, securing and maintaining some major contracts for my previous employer (Schlumberger) and my current employer. The staff at BEI is incredibly talented, enthusiastic, professional and have always been a real pleasure to work with.” stated Pipeline Technical Manager."

"Their work has brought work in the door for us” from a President of a National Design & Construction Company,  "We increased our annual revenues from $5M to $20M" 

"No longer can the sales individuals leave our organization and leave me with no results." a President of an Oil Service Company stated,  "With Building Enterprises we control our notes history and direction of our organization.  When we hire new sales staff we are able to jump start them immediately to the key prospects and customers.  We own our future"

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